I know I am!

As most of you know I am a die hard Yankees fan and can not wait until Sunday night at Fenway Park.

Why Sunday? It is the start of the regular season and the quest for their 28th World Title.

Lets take a look at the roster that will be heading north to the Bronx and eventually to Boston.
Your starting pitchers are:

1) CC Sabathia

2) AJ Burnett

3) Andy Pettitte
4) Javier Vazquez
5) Phil Hughes

WOW! That's nasty...well besides Bostons rotation of:
1)Josh Beckett

2) John Lackey

3)John Lester

4) Tim Wakefield

5) Clay Bucholtz

Now a look at the Yankees bullpen:
1)Alfredo Aceves

2)Joba Chamberlain

3) Boone Logan

4)Damaso Marte
5)Sergio Mitre

6)Chan Ho Park

7)Mariano Rivera

8)David Robertson

Yankees infield and catchers:
1)Francisco Cervelli

2)Jorge Posada

3)Robinson Cano

4)Derek Jeter

5)Alex Rodriguez

6)Mark Teixeira


1)Brett Gardner

2)Curtis Granderson

3)Nick Swisher

Designated Hitter and bench:
1)Nick Johnson
2)Ramiro Pena
3) Randy Winn
WOW! I would not want to face that line-up but then again I am not a major league pitcher so I don't have to.
So that leads to the question is there any team out there that can beat them?

Boston ? Tampa Bay? Mets? Minny? San Fransisco Giants? LA Dodgers? Marlines? Phillies?WHO? You tell me.

My guess would be Boston or Philly and maybe Tampa Bay.
The season is 162 games, anything can happen. The worst teams in the league can become the best team in a short period of time...a perfect example would be the Tampa Bay Rays almost 3 years ago going from last place to first place and coming so close to winning the World Series.

But for now the Yankees travel to Boston on Easter Sunday to take on the heated rivals.
Give me your thoughts on the upcoming season and predictions and I'll join you in the comments