It seems like yesterday the Yankees were hoisting the World Series Trophy...wouldn't you believe it it has been 4 months! Wow time flies! But now we move forward and start our quest for #28

And so comes tomorrow...Spring Training, where teams try to find the right mix of players to lead them to the World Series!

Lets preview the New York Yankees---

Lets start with the Pitching and the Rotation---

Here is how the rotation stacks up:

1) CC Sabathia

2) AJ Burnett

3) Andy Pettitte

4)Javier Vazquez

5) Guadin/Mitre

Wow can't get much better and scarier than that can you?

Bullpen looks like this:

1) Mariano Rivera

2) David Robertson

3) Hughes


5) Boone Logan

6) Damaso Marte

7)Mark Melancon

8)Alfredo Aceves "Ace"


Now lets look at the rest of the roster:


1) Derek Jeter

2) A-Rod

3) Mark Teixera

4) Robbie Cano

5) Nick Johnson

6)Jorge Posada

7)Francisco Cervelli

Outfielders are as follows:

1) Curtis Granderson

2) Nick "The Tattoo" Swisher

3)Brett Gardner

4) Randy Winn

With the roster set like that, it only leaves 2-3 roster spots left. If I had to think of 2 players that would bring the Yankees to 25 players would be Outfielder Marcus Thames and Relief Pitcher Johnathan Albaladejo

No matter what the final roster looks like, I would still hate to be the opposing team.

The season starts early April lets rock and roll!