Well as we all know hockey training camps open this weekend when the march for Lords Stanley's Cup. But I want to deviate from training camp for a few minutes cause I know that all of us Islander fans are pumped for this year! I know I am!

But I want to talk about something a little bit more serious for the time being...and that's the current situation with the Lighthouse Project. For those of you who don't know who the Islanders are or if you have no idea about both I'll give you a quick summary and then I'll get into my point.

Ok, so for those of you who may not be too much into sports or don't have any interest in sports, that's fine. I think that I can make this blog easy enough so that it is easy to follow. So let me get started..

The New York Islanders were founded in 1972. In their first year they were HORRENDOUS! but as fate would have it that was that. After that year, they went to draft Bobby Nystrom, Bryan Trottier, Clark Gillies and Denis Potvin to name a few. The next year they went on to WIN 4 CONSECUTIVE Stanley Cups to become a Dynasty. After the 4 Cups the team began to struggle..BUT!

In 2000, Charles Wang of Computer Associates bought the team and turned the Islanders into a Cup contender once again.. When Wang bought the team he brought in players like Mike Peca, Alexie Yashin, Shawn Bates, Oleg Kavasha, Chris "OZZY" Osgood, Miroslav Satan and Mark Parrish. That team was just about equal to the Dynasty years but came one win shy of advancing to the 2nd round but a cheap shot ended that...ask any Islanders fan and they would agree... AND now the last few years the Islanders barely have made the playoffs or you can just go back to last year when they were just Embarrassed..

OK, now for the Lighthouse Project. When Charles Wang bought the Islanders in 2000, he had a vision to revitalize Long Island and the area around the NVMC (Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum). The plan was to build a $150 million facility that included a renovated Coliseum. The surrounding area was to be composed of Long Island's FIRST EVER 5 star hotel, a mini Time Square where people could go and hang out for the day or even catch a concert, restaurants, convenient stores, state of the art fitness centers, state of the art meeting centers, state of the art recreational centers, and apartment buildings. That vision is on its way, or so I have heard.

So here is where the problems lay, because everyone I have spoken to supports this whole hardily and just about every report that comes out I read how many people support this GIGANTIC project.. The problems are:
1) Supervisor Kate Murray
***2) The Town of Hempstead- I put a few stars here for a reason I'll get into that in a minute

I stared #2 for a reason even though Kate Murray has something to do with this. Even though ToH has stated they "backed" this project 100%, while I buy that, it is certainly hard to believe it after it is taken almost 10 years to get this done.

I don't know if its just me but I certainly know that moving forward in this economy, that this is going to help with tax revenue, CREATE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSAND of jobs. And with the economy shouldn't this project be a NO BRAINER? I am sorry but this project HAS to get done. If it doesn't well I am not looking at that because I hope it doesn't come to them moving...

I leave you with that to think about. I'll be back with more soon.