Well, well, well, looks like Tiger Woods just cant stay out of the media spot light. It was bound to happen at some point...the true facts of what happened on Thanksgiving night, complements of Woods' ex-wife.

Here is a question for all of you to think about it. Didn't anyone think it was a little suspicious that he just stormed out of the house that night? And when reports started coming out that they had a "fight," what was the reason behind it? Some of those questions were answered however, have been answered but we still await more

Well reports came out today that Tigers wife tricked, yes tricked, Woods' mistress...Wow who knew! O and in the mean time he has been spotted at a sex rehab clinic. Yea what is that really gonna do for him at this point?

According to reports on NYPOST.com, "Embattled golf great Tiger Woods was doped up on sleeping pills the night he crashed his car -- fleeing his Florida home in a hurry after his club-wielding wife chased him out after discovering he was having a steamy affair with another woman.
The revelations of what occurred the day after Thanksgiving -- when Tiger's life came undone -- show the golfer and his wife in a frantic state just hours after she learned that Woods had been cheating on her."

It then later goes on to say that, "Woods swore to her that the story was false and that he had met Uchitel a few times at social outings. Elin, however, remained suspicious, sources told The Daily Beast.
He was able to convince Uchitel to talk to his wife. The two had a 30-minute chat, where Uchitel was able to convince Elin that her relationship with Tiger was purely platonic, the Web site reported.
On Thanksgiving Day, Elin learned some of the Enquirer’s specifics about the affair and an argument took place. Sources told The Daily Beast that Woods took Ambien to fall asleep once the argument ended."

OK, well we finally cleared up the fact he was on drugs at the time of the crash at 2:30 in the morning...But no one expected that Woods was trying to tell his wife that his mistress would be calling...Come on I even find that hard to believe! You mean to tell me that Tiger would intentionally tell his wife that Ms. Uchitel would be calling? I highly doubt that.

Now contrary to the reports on NYPOST.com, NEWSDAY.com has reported that Tigers wife fully tricked Ms.Uchitel without Tiger even knowing. WOW! I guess when a superstar goes to sleep after some sort of argument anything can happen!

The three things that caught my eye while reading the article, was as follows:

1) "While her husband was asleep, Elin looked through Tiger's cell phone and found Uchitel's number, plus a text saying, "You are the only one I've loved."" WOW, smart women.

Second of all, "Elin texted Uchitel, pretending to be Tiger, writing "When are we seeing each other again?" Uchitel texted back and then Elin called Uchitel, who answered thinking it was Tiger calling. "I knew it was you," Elin asserted. "Oh ---!" a shocked Uchitel responded and hung up." Again another brilliant move...

Lastly "Elin woke up Tiger by screaming at him. He was still in a stupor from the Ambien. Elin began hitting him and chased him from the house wielding a golf club. Tiger ran to the SUV, then careened off the fire hydrant and hit a tree. When he was later released from the hospital, Tiger was taken to an undisclosed location. Elin was still smoldering and wouldn't allow him to return home."

OK, I'm fine with her waking Tiger up in the middle of the night to yell at him, but she went to far wielding a golf club...isn't that considered assault or attempt of assault and secondly, where was he taken to after he left the hospital? What are we suppose to believe there? That he was just taken to a hotel and he was fine? Yeah I'm not buying any of that. If I had to guess where that "undisclosed" place would be, I would have to think it was Ms. Rachel Uchitel home or apartment.

OK, not to be whatever but were the three of them doing up at 2:15 in the morning still boggles my mind. Aren't most people are already sleeping?

Well, we know now that he was drugs at the time of the incident. We also know now that his wife was swift and crafty. However, she is very lucky that no charges we thrown at her for wielding a golf club....

Well, I leave you with that. Let me know what you think in the comments. I'll have more on the topic as more details come out.

I will have a Mark McGuire blog up some time in the next day or so, sorry for being so late on some of the breaking news. Also I'll post a blog on the NHL season as it stands now and how the New York Islanders(my favorite hockey team) are looking now as the Olympic break draws near and the trade deadline as well.