The NHL draft is coming up and rumors are flying. Some have merit, some have zero credibility and others are made up by fans and are pipe-dreams.  When it comes down to it, regardless of the sources that fans might read, when a general manager goes on the record you believe it…even if it’s Garth Snow.

Towards the end of last week Snow went on record to say they are “looking” to trade the fifth overall pick. That can be looked at one of two ways 1) this could be a great trade or 2) a whole lot of bubkus and a whole lot of posturizing.  To be honest, it could be both but let me tell you why the first one makes the most sense and if you disagree leave a comment.

The Islanders have always been about building through the draft since Snow became GM and it works…to an extent. However, times are changing.  With the potential sale of the team and heading to Brooklyn after next season, the Islanders now more than ever need to show they are once again a team to be feared and that means trading the fifth overall pick.

I know I will take a lot of heat for suggesting that, but in reality the only way to move this team forward and become a constant contender for years to come is to trade the pick. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know who Snow is looking for. It should be either a top three winger or top two or four defenseman.  If Snow is able to land one of those two players at the draft on Friday then I think it’s a win.  If Snow keeps the pick however, well then it’s an epic failure. It becomes a failure when drafting prospects takes years to develop into NHL players and quite frankly the Islanders don’t have years to wait. 

I have already taken some heat on Twitter for saying they should trade the pick.  What I don’t understand though is why fans don’t want to bring in proven NHL talent to better improve the team and be a constant playoff team. It boggles my mind to be honest. Everyone saw what happened last year and I can guarantee no one wants to be in the lottery picks again.

Snow trades for the rights of Jaroslav Halak and Dan Boyle and has proven that he’s “willing” to spend this summer in part because his job is likely on the line if the team gets sold. This off-season HAS to be about taking the next step and that in turn means trading the fifth overall pick for proven talent.

This is the first of many posts likely to come in the next two weeks. Stay tuned it should be interesting