Well, well, looks like Tiger cant even be happy on the golf course...lol!

So in my last post I wrote about Tiger Woods, as many of you already know. Well here I go again with new details!

I don't even know where to start, its so sickening!

I guess I will start with the fact that there are now 14 women he had an affair with before and while he was married. That number will slowly but surely rise.

I know that a lot of you idolize Tiger Woods, but tell me something...how can you still feel sorry for this man after everything he has done? To tell you the truth the only ones I feel sorry for is his wife and his 2 kids.
Now tell me does this look like a happy couple? Sure doesn't to me. So for all of you people out there who think he loves and supports his wife and kids just by bringing them on the tours...reality check he doesn't! I am sorry you don't cheat on your wife WITH 14 YES 14 women and love your family. If you comment anything inappropriate on this blog I will remove the post, because quite frankly I don't have the time.

Now I am a huge sports fan as most people know. I am not a fan of golf, but I am not blogging about golf, I am blogging on this matter because it deals with everyday life.

Now in my last post I had people telling me that TMZ.com and other tabloids exaggerate...OK, in the past I would have agreed but now that I know the rules and linguistics of how those companies work, they are not exaggerated nor can they. If they report something that is false they could be sued for a lot of money so they must confirm every detail they receive before publishing it. And that goes for any source I use TMZ.com, NYPOST.com, ESPN.com, Newsday.com all have to confirm information before reporting it. I respect those companies and you should all do the same. They have a hard business to keep up.

Now that I got that out the way back to the real purpose of the blog and the continuation of Tiger Woods' own downfall.

So as I mentioned earlier in this blog, Tiger Woods' total to the amount of women he had an affair with has grown over the last few days from 9 to 14 and in my opinion will only keep growing. If you ask me its flat out disgusting!

I was watching SportCenter, the other day and while I wasn't really paying attention something caught my attention. His trainer was being searched and investigated with distributing an illegal substance to Woods'. Which brings me to the title of my last post "Superstar or Scam--You tell me!" If you think he is still a superstar for taking PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs) well then I have nothing to say except...your probably just like him. According to ESPN.com "U.S. Customs officials got onto the trail of a Canadian doctor who has treated Tiger Woods and a bevy of elite amateur and pro athletes after an assistant was found in possession of growth hormone and other drugs purportedly intended for Dr. Anthony Galea while being questioned Sept. 14 at a border crossing into Buffalo, N.Y., according to federal court records obtained by ESPN.com.

Galea, the subject of a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation, was subsequently arrested Oct. 15 in Toronto by Canadian authorities. Galea is expected to appear Friday morning in a Canadian court in Toronto, according to his attorney, Brian Greenspan, and face two charges of conspiracy and two other charges under the Food and Drug Act and Controlled Substances Act.

In a news release, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said an unnamed assistant was apprehended after she was found to be in possession of Actovegin, a drug extracted from calf's blood that is illegal in the United States and not approved for use in Canada."

So according to NYPOST.com, Tiger Woods' wife has had enough. Well enough that she is searching for a divorces lawyer and to remove her wedding band and to move as far away from Tiger as possible. About time! At least she actually cares about the severity and horrible effects of what Woods' did all these years. I feel bad for her and the kids and all the pain he put them through. Also, after the accident the night before Thanksgiving, he has apparently kept in contact with the 1st women to come out and say she had an affair with him. (names will be disclosed in case they happen to read this blog)

I leave you with that. So I ask once again after reading this...HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU SUPPORT THIS GUY!?