News came out yesterday that Andrew Barroway had slapped Islanders owner Charles Wang with a $10 million dollar lawsuit for “backing out” of their agreement for the sale of the Islanders for $420 million. Once that news broke all hell seemed to break loose and proved once again that the Islanders are owned by a greedy man and are a laughing stock of a franchise.  Whether or not people think this lawsuit is warranted or justified, it stands to prove that the Islanders need a new owner and fast.

Folks, this isn’t a post about the legality of the documents or the legal side, because let’s face it, law isn’t my area of expertise.  It’s to weigh all options that are available moving forward.  Truthfully, there are really only three that would seem logical 1) have the team sold to Barroway in court 2) sell to another interested party or 3) the NHL takes control of the team until further notice.  The latter part seems to be the most logical option at this point.

Let’s start with the first option which subsequently is the least likely and that is Barroway finds lightning in a bottle and winds up winning the team in court. If he does, there are many questions that surround him- like who is he? What are his intentions for the team? Was he going to honor the lease in Brooklyn? Was he willing to spend money to make this team significantly better? No one knows. Regardless of how this all plays out one thing is for certain and that is Barroway will not be the new owner of the team.  Then again let’s remember that we are talking about the Islanders and anything can happen. 

The second option is an intriguing one.  In the article published by the Daily News yesterday it stated that on August 1st, Wang notified Barroway that he sold the team to an unidentified party.  Whether or not that is true is yet to be seen.  If it is, then this is great news and hopefully it is to an investment group willing to improve the on ice product further. Let’s say for argument sakes it is true. We all know Wang is one of the most secretive people around and when he negotiated the move to Brooklyn he never said boo and then when all was said and done a press conference was called.  Let’s see if history repeats itself.

The third scenario is that the NHL takes control of the team and finds a new owner capable and willing to run the team the right way.  With the league running the Islanders for a while it will help ease some of the frustration that Islander fans have had to endure over the last decade and a half.  Suffice to say, it won’t heal all the wounds but it would hopefully return things back to normal in the way a franchise is supposed to be run.  If this scenario were to play out, it would allow the NHL to find an owner capable of taking the reins of a once proud franchise.

The last thing I want to talk about is Charles Wang constant need to be greedy.  Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for his greed the Islanders would probably be playing on Long Island for the long-run. He had to have the coliseum site built his way and forced the Town of Hempstead to pull back and say no…not like they aren’t blameless either.  If Wang wasn’t so greedy the Islanders would likely have a new owner by now. 

For the time being stay tuned.  Training camp opens next month and this season “looks” to be promising.