Ok, so I haven't posted anything because I was waiting for this to be over with, and well IT FINALLY HAS! It comes via a trade between San Jose and Ottawa.

Here is the transaction:

Ottawa receives:
Johnathan Cheechoo

Milian Michalek

2nd round draft choice in next years NHL Draft

San Jose receives:
Dany Heatley

5th round draft choice in next years NHL Draft

Ok, now to dissect this trade in-depth---

Ottawa receives 2 players that will immediately impact their club if they stay healthy. Though, they may have unloaded the disgruntled Heatley and added 2 other great players to take his spot. Ottawa, I believe will get the better end of this deal.

San Jose, after adding Heatley, they definitely upgraded the scoring threat on the team, HOWEVER, Heatley's performance will with San Jose, will be based on who he is playing with and if the Sharks make playoffs.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing how these players help their new teams.

I'll leave you with that and I'll be back throughout the season highlighting their seasons . Let me know what you think. Was this a smart trade for Ottawa or San Jose or was the trade a complete bust? I'll be back throughout the course of the year following their success with their new teams?