Greetings from Sunny California! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Did you know in sports miracles happen? They do and that's the case for Micheal Oher Offensive Lineman for the Baltimore Ravens. In the past I have seen so many sports films, documentaries, miracle's but none have hit me so deep.

In sports you have players that help protect people. Like in hockey, you have enforcers and defense men protecting their teammates and goalies and in football you have the Offensive Linemen protecting the Quarterback and their "Blind Side."

The "blind side" as it is known is typically referred as a Quarterback not being able to see where or what the Defensive Ends are doing, and that is how many Quarterbacks get injured in football.
However, I want to talk about the importance of protecting the "blind side" from the right tackle and the left tackle positions. Obviously, as many sports fans know football is a hard hitting contact sport, but the difference in football say from like Rugby, Hockey, Baseball and Basketball are that a lot of these players are much heavier! Now imagine if YOU were the Quarterback who takes all of these hits...YOUCH!

I know players wear protective pads and everything but getting hit with so much force going that fast trying to avoid being sacked but come on that's like saying a goalie in hockey isn't afraid of taking a puck to the head even though they wear a mask.

But I'm digressing a bit, lets talk about the unbelievable story of Baltimore Ravens Left Tackle Micheal Oher. His life story was so inspirational that it became one of the greatest success stories of all time. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, there have been many great stories in sports, such as Miracle on Ice 1980 men's Olympics when they upset the heavy favorite Soviet Union. Or how about the magical year the Tampa Bay Rays had 2 years ago after finishing dead last in the standings that previous year to come within a win of taking the World Series Trophy home for the time ever or the unbelievable story of Kevin Everett who is now walking after nearly dying on the football field and almost being paralyzed for his whole life. Yes people, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

Now onto the story of Micheal Oher. He grew up homeless, he never slept in a real bed for most of his life until he was about 17, he never went to school, but he did play sports? Not only did he play he was amazing! One day his friends father took his son an Micheal to be enrolled in school. However at the time that did work out...though he did end up attending school at some point. One night he was walking back to the school's gymnasium to spend the night, when one of the teachers who worked at the school was driving home with her family and asked Micheal if he needed a place to stay. Thus changing all of their lives from that moment on.

The family, in turn brought this stranger into their home fed him gave him his own bed, a bed that until that time had never slept on one and bought him clothes and eventually adopted him making him part of the family. The family helped Micheal become successful, gave him an education and taught him to play football. The family tried to forced him to play at Ole Miss, which has a great football program. The NCAA has rules they must follow and they thought it was suspicious and decided to investigate. They had suspicions that the family was trying to push him to play there and even hired a tutor to help him with his education and she even tried to push him to go there. At some point though Micheal went back to the NCAA after they started the investigation and told them that " I want to go to Ole Miss because his family went there," how often do you hear that in a person, no matter who they are.

He went there, where he would play all four years at both Right Tackle and Left Tackle protecting well the "blind side" of the Quarterback.

His recent success and rise from poverty recently found the end when the Commissioner of Football Roger Goodell walked to the Podium in NYC at Madison Square Garden to announce a trade! This is how it went down...I will post the video detailing everything but I want just go a head and say anyways. When Goodell walked to the podium and announced that the New England Patriots had traded the 1st overall pick the at #23 to the Baltimore Ravens thus saying with the 23rd overall pick the Baltimore Ravens select from Ole Miss Micheal Oher. Thus his miraculous life story came full circle and is currently the starting Left Tackle for the Ravens.

Miracles do happen and Congrats to Micheal Oher for a wonderful and touching story. If you haven't already go see The Blind Side in theaters while its still out you will love it.

Happy Holidays everyone!