So if you haven't heard yet...Tiger Woods is a complete joke. Everyone thinks he is this great golfer and great person but is he? Although he may get credit for being a great golfer, I would not give him credit for being a great person!

Since Thanksgiving, Tiger has been under fire from just about every angle. According to reports by, new evidence was found today regarding the car crash on Thanksgiving night. There were disputes about what really happened that night at his home in Florida. But as everyone knows, the truth always comes out one way or another. In this case for Woods, it's coming out in the worst way possible. also posted pictures up on their website. From what I gather and from seeing the photos, I wonder how in the world did he manage to cause so much damage to his Cadillac Escalade, only going 33 mph? For that kind of damage, one would think that he was going faster. Who knows, maybe he was.

So what possessed him to go out at 2:30 a.m to begin with?

Early reports were saying, Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren were either having an argument or it was domestic violence. Those were the initial reports and they seemed logical at the time. However, as time moved on and more evidence came out, those initial reports soon vanished and more concrete and serious allegations began to emerge.

Of course I am talking about the allegations that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his wife. Not only was he cheating on her which is bad all by itself, but allegedly he was cheating with 9 girls, yeah you read that right, 9 girls! WOW! And he is considered a superstar...REALLY! Ok, granted, out of the 9 girls, some might just be calling in for publicity, or then there's the case that he really was with all 9.

Now I won't go into the details that the papers and tabloids send out because quite frankly no one needs to know all those details. But I will say this, he is no superstar in my eyes. He is a scam, a fraud and whatever else you want to call him.

Now, today, along with both state that Tiger Woods mother in-law was rushed to the hospital this morning due to stomach pains. I don't know what to think of this. I really don't. Now is saying that she has been released from the hospital. Ok, that was fast especially for stomach pains, wouldn't they want to hold her overnight just to be safe?

Anyways, Tiger Woods is no superstar in the least bit. In my eyes, he is a dirty low life man with no respect for his family, his kids and more importantly, his wife.

And let's not forget all of the endorsement deals he is going to forfeit.

Now courtesy to CNN this is a news piece I found on Tiger Woods.

Let me know what you think. I am interested to hear your take on this topic.