Hey everyone. Ok so I was watching the Yankee game last night and I saw something that might be debatable. You tell me.

As I was watching the game, the Yankees were getting pummeled by Roy "Doc" Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays. Not only did I see poor sportsmanship but HORRIBLE role models as well. Sergio Mitre and Mark Melancon hit 3 batters. I can understand if it was unintentional and they just lost control of the pitch, HOWEVER, after hitting the 3rd batter the benches cleared. But nothing happened, the umpire just sent the teams back to the dugouts. That was UNTIL Jesse Carlson, of the Blue Jays, who was in relief of Halladay threw right behind missing the Yankee catcher Jorge Posada. Posada ended up walking later in the at bat. Again, I can understand the retaliation and trying to protect ones teammates. What I was disappointed to see was the way Jorge Posada reacted after he crossed home-plate with the 3rd run for the Yankees. After he scored, he had a few words for Carlson and then well, it turned into an all out brawl. The benches cleared punches were thrown and ejections were handed down. So let me ask you, does this seem like good sportsmanship or being good role models? I certainly do not think so.

Think about it. Your kids may play a sport and what are they to think after one of their players is in an all out brawl with the opposing pitcher? I played baseball for 8 years when I was younger, and I looked up to a lot of these guys, and to tell you the truth I wonder why I did! Most of these guys were doing steroids, getting caught by the law and getting into on-field fights JUST because someone hit them. To tell you the truth I should have found other role models who didn't do all of that stuff. Sports are supposed to be played the real way, by working hard, dedication and the love of the game. THAT'S HOW I played... with heart, dedication, and love. Steroids DESTROY the body, they DON'T help it. If you are a parent reading this and your son or daughter plays a sport, make sure they are doing it the right way! PLEASE! Sports are supposed to be fun and NOT tainted. I mean really, do we really live in a world that cheating is the answer? Do it right, play hard, motivate yourself and FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!!

A lot of people worldwide absolutely love baseball along with little kids. Don't let them turn into these so called role models. MAKE THEM A BETTER ONE... ones that don't cheat or get into fights for the stupid things!

I leave you with that. I'll be back after tonight's game. Will last nights tension boil over to today or not? We will find out. Until then have a great day!