Well folks there you have it, the new developer for the Nassau Coliseum site, Bruce Ratner.  

The long agonizing process and wait is over as Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano chose the Forrest City development group. 

 If you think the name sounds familiar, then you are correct because Ratner and his team designed the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.   

Remember that folks because it could play a gigantic role in the Islanders future.  A future where right now the Barclay is set to become the new home of the New York Islanders in another two years. 

When the Islanders announced that they would be moving to the Barclays Center in 2015, a lot of people wondered if they would ever return to Nassau, myself included. 

Lets not forget one thing though in the midst of all the hoopla surrounding today, the Islanders did sign an ironclad, 25 year lease.  Therefore, the odds of Wang reworking that deal with Ratner to become the new tenant of the "new" Coliseum, are very slim.

In Ratners' proposal however, he was quick to state the Islanders would play a total of six games a year in Nassau County whether or not it's the regular season or playoffs is yet to be seen.  

Ratner beat out MSG for the right to redevelop the site and before the building and breaking of the ground gets started it first must pass through the Nassau County legislature and NIFA who is overseeing the expenses for Nassau County.  

So as I always say, time will tell. However, the road for Long Island to becoming a destination spot is on its way.

Newsday has the original story.