Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice? You get a 10 game suspension.  That is exactly what Michael Pineda did last night against Boston when the Red Sox’s spotted pine tar on his neck.  Let’s remember Pineda had a similar incident against the VERY same team not even a week and a half ago!

I played baseball for eight years when I was younger and never had a reason to do something I shouldn’t.  Never thought of cheating or trying to gain an edge.  I did it the right way.  I never cared that the other players were better than me. All I cared about was having fun.  However, not everyone shares the loyalty of the game as I do.

Pineda couldn’t fool the Red Sox a second time with the pine tar and was ejected within seconds of the ump finding it.  It also brings to light what was on his hand last week.  I never once believed the thought that it was dirt.  Dirt doesn’t give off a shiny glare. Clearly it wasn’t dirt…it was pine tar.  You could also see the clear color difference between his hand and the pine tar.  Please, if you’re going to lie don’t compare the substance to dirt.  I wouldn’t believe it but if he had said it was grease I could see that but dirt!? Really? Not the best cover-up story and trust me I don’t condone cheating one bit but if you are going to lie make it believable.

Now Pineda will sit for 10 games or what will likely amount to missing one start maybe two.

Fool me a third time….see ya!