Is it possible to throw a perfect game in football? That is a great question. One that I will try to answer.

Now in baseball there have been a handful of perfect games. Some from the best pitchers in the game. A few pitchers who have thrown real perfect games are Don Larsen, David Cone and David "Boomer" Wells.

So here lies the question...CAN IT BE DONE IN PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL!?

According to and NFL insiders it can be done. But then I, propose another question...could you throw a perfect game and lose?

Lets just ask Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. According to his statistics on Monday night were unbelievable. Don't believe me take a look for yourself: he completed 18-23 of his passes for 371 yards and also threw for 5 Touchdowns. The completion rate for Brees game is 158.3. HOLY COW! That completion percentage is insane. But I guess that's how you throw a perfect game in football. Brees said
“[The win] only counts for one win on the stat sheet, but emotionally, those types of wins can mean a little bit more. We played a tremendous football team tonight. They know how to win; they do things the right way.”

Really! Drew come on, you cant expect me to sit here and believe you only cared about winning the game, well after the game was over! Really you just threw for what probably was the only noted perfect game in the history of the NFL and YOU WONT EVEN CELEBRATE IT! WOW!

Some how I am still perplexed on how you throw a perfect game in football! I am not complaining that was a great game. I wish more games could be like the one Brees and the Saints dished out on Monday Night Football