Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest bookstores in America, has created the next big thing... so we think! Introducing the new "Nook."

Today in class, we were talking about the new Nook. So why am I bringing this up? Well, it turned into a heated discussion in class and I thought I would give my view of the newest electronic sensation.

So what is the sudden phenomenon of this new product? I'll tell you!
Reading in households, according to the News, has started to decrease. Is it because kids are just not interested in reading anymore or are they too involved with their video games? I, myself, was never really into reading much when I was younger. I would only want to read the sports section in the Newsday or NY Post or any sports book... until last summer when my father showed me a book by James Patterson called Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. I thought ok, this isn't going to be good but I was surprisingly wrong. I couldn't put the book down- I was hooked... it was phenomenal! I have read the entire series and I am now working on another series he is writing and I have finished several sports books as well.

This is where the Nook comes in...

I am not always looking to carry a book everywhere I go, especially when it's over 300 pages. I would rather be able to go into my pocket or backpack, whether I am in school waiting for a class to begin, at an airport waiting to catch a flight, sitting at a pool or at the beach and knock off a few chapters while I have some down time. There are a few positives and few negatives that come along with this new product, hence, setting off a HUGE debate in class. Some positives some classmates and I saw was that it is inexpensive, convenient and you can even buy upcoming books on the Nook without even going to the store. There are up to 1500 books to order from and you can share/borrow books with your friends. Can you say AWESOME?! On the other hand, the negatives were related to how costly it is, how durable it is, and how easy it is to upgrade it. You be the judge!