These numbers are based on the 1st 62 games up until the Olympic break.

The number 1 team in the Eastern Conference is:

Washington Capitals with 90 points! HOLY COW! But hey that's what happens when your team has Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Mike Green and Seymon Varlamov.

Not sure what I can say to critique this team. They are practically flawless.

Trade Buzz: Washington have been shopping around for a goalie

To say the least after Washington, the 2-15 spots don't pose much of a threat...but lets continue...

Currently sitting in the 2nd seed are the New Jersey Devils with 77 points! I have to say, I am not a Devils fan but I must say "where have the mighty Devils gone." I mean look at their current roster that consists of Zack Parise, Paul Martin, MARTIN BRODEUR, ILYA KOVALCUK.

How does a team with so much fire power be barely holding onto the 2nd seed in the conference?

Trade Buzz: I don't know where to start

Sitting in 3rd place and 1 point behind New Jersey are the Ottawa Senators with 76 points. To me is shocking. Talk about how the mighty have fallen. Once considered a power house of the NHL Ottawa has started to crumble.

Trade Buzz: They need help in every aspect

Sitting in 4th place are the Defending Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins. What more can I say about that and having a roster that includes Sidney Crosby, Malkin, Marc-Andre Fluery and the list goes on an on

Trade Buzz: Looking for some blue line help for the Playoffs

Standing in 5th place overall are the Buffalo Sabres with 75 points. Once again how the mighty have fallen.

Trade Buzz: They need help everywhere

Sitting in 6th place are the Philadelphia Flyers with 67 points. Once known as the "Broad Street Bullies" this team has lost SOME of their fire power but they certainty aren't the team they were say 10 years ago.

Trade Buzz: Need blue line help and goalie help

In 7th place we have the Boston Bruins with 65 points.

Trade Buzz: Needs scoring

Currently in the 8th an final playoff spot are the Montreal Canadians with 64 points.

Trade Buzz: Needs blue line help and goal tending

Spots 9-10 belong to the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers both have 63 points

Trade Buzz: Both teams need scoring and blue line help

The 11th spot is currently held by the Atlanta Thrashers with 62 point

Trade Buzz: They need help all around

Spots 12-13 are held by the Florida Panthers and New York Islanders with 58 points. How any team can still be in the playoff race at the Olympic break with ONLY 58 points is unbelievable! Heck I am a die hard Islanders fan and I couldn't be happier with the team right now. John Tavares is everything we thought he was going to be and get this HE IS ONLY 19! Matt Moulson and Kyle Okposo have been amazing, Rick "DP" DiPietro has come back phenomenally, 40 year old Dwayne Roloson has been outstanding. Martin Biron doesn't have the record to reflect his career an ability, but when he plays he shows us fans why he dominated the Islanders while he played for the Flyers.

Trade Buzz: Florida: Well their management has already told their fan base that they are going to tank the rest of the year so there isn't much for me to go in to.

Islanders Trade Buzz: The big thing the Islanders need is scoring and some help on defense. If the Islanders can pull off adding those two pieces they could make a serious run at the 8th and final playoff spot come April

Holding the 14th seed and most likely out of the playoff picture are the Carolina Hurricanes with 55 points. They are out of it unless in 20 games they go on a massive winning streak

Trade Buzz: Defensive and scoring help

Last but not least manning the 15th spot are the Toronto Maple Leafs with 49 points. With 20 games left the Leafs can start looking forward to next year already