Today in class we were talking about music and radio stations, so I thought I would put a spin on what we learned.

Everyone has heard of Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister and also Nickelback to name a few. All of these bands have been around for a few decades, with each band spreading a different message in their music. A relatively new band, Baptized by Fire, has been under the radar. If you've never heard of them or listened to their music, you are about to be blown away!

Bon Jovi is most known for their songs, "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Its My Life". The two songs tell a story of one's past. People who listen to these songs can easily relate to them. I believe more artists should incorporate emotions rather than incorporating heavy metal screaming and no one can understand what in the world they are saying in their music.

Turning to another band that is beyond famous and probably doesn't need much of an introduction is the Legandary Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister is more of a rebellious, hard core type band from the '80s. Their iconic songs that everyone knows are "Were Not Going To Take It" and "I Wanna Rock". These songs tell a tale of what was then the "New Age" of music. This style of music was on the rise of rebellious music during that time.

Now onto a more modern style of Rock and Roll. While Bon Jovi is more of a contemporary rock band with a life lesson in their songs, and Twisted Sisters is more hard core rebellious, we turn our attention to Nickelback. Nickelback, is a band known more for sex and drugs and the occasional song of one's past. Their big songs are, "Someday", "Rockstar", and "Animal". Now I know that these types of songs are basically what all artists are recording but that needs to change. We are no longer in a time frame where artists should be promoting people to do drugs and engage in sex. Can we stop it? Of course not! That's what sells!

So now, onto today's "New" music and an up and coming group, Baptized by Fire. Baptized by Fire is more like Twisted Sister than anything. Baptized by Fire is a group that has a little bit of everything, except sex and drugs. Their big song are "Juggernaut" and "The Phoenix". Juggernaut is more like a tough guy song that sports players would listen to before a big game. The Phoenix is a slower up beat type song. The song signifies The Phoenix, which never dies. If a Phoenix is killed or it dies, it comes back to life, which is what this song is basically saying. My interpretation of the song is that all things, human or not, come back in some way, shape or form.
What do you think these songs mean? Which era of rock and roll is better, the Oldies or New Age?