Ok, so I am going to deviate away from my 2 favorite teams for this one, I feel I owe some sympathy towards the Mets.

Actually if you think about it, last year's Islanders and this year's Mets are similar in a way that both teams suffered from injuries to their best players and their season started to dwindle.

The misfortune for the Mets was when they lost Jose Reyes for the year. After that it was Carlos Beltran and the list just keeps going....sound familiar? It should. Both teams were very talented but then the injury bug kicked in and the Mets and Islanders started dropping in the standings and missed the playoffs.

Injuries in sports are obviously part of the game and can hardly be avoided. Hopefully both teams rebound in their respective season.

Until then, keep watching and supporting even though it will be hard, hang tough