Is this the biggest scandal in all of sports? It could turn out that way.

Led by names like Alex Rodriguiez and Ryan Braun, Major League Baseball have themselves a scandal that could be bigger than the Mitchell Report.

The Mitchell Report was released in 2007, and was a 409 page report and accused 89 players of taking PED's.

This will be known as the Miami Biogenesis Report.

The question becomes what does Tony Bosch really know and what he will he tell the Commissioner and the rest of the league when he reportedly meets with them on Friday.

As a result of this, would the Yankees be able to void Alex Rodriguiez' contract? This has been rumored since the winter and hasn't come to fruition.  However, if he is suspended for 100 games would the Yankees look to find reasonable evidence or action that would prove that Alex is unable to perform.  That is yet to be seen.

Stay tuned.