As I write this, news has broke saying the Seattle Mariners are close to sending their pitching ace Cliff Lee to the New York Yankees. Reports have surfaced that the Yankees would send top catching prospect Jesus Montero and second base prospect David Adams in exchange for Lee. So here is the question; we know that Lee will be a free agent at the end of the year, so will the Yankees look to lock him up immediately or wait til after the season to strike a deal?

If I am Brian Cashman the General Manager of the Yankees I make this deal happen, (of course I am not), but look at what Cashman has pulled this past off-season. He traded Melky Cabrea and Micheal Dunn to Atlanta for Javy Vazquez and Boone Logan. Ok, Boone Logan, when he has been up has been unbelievable hitting 95 on his fastball. However, Vazquez has been subpar in his return to the Yankees. In another trade Cashman sent Phil Coke and Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson and sent Ian Kenndey to Arizona in part of a three team trade, a trade that so far has been a bust. Cashman also lost Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui to free agency.

The terms of this deal for Cliff Lee came mere hours after LeBron James made his decision to join the Miami Heat, so the State of NY has something to cheer about.

Other questions remains such as what happens to starting pitcher Phil Hughes and what happens to Vazquez. Phil Hughes is in his first full season as a starter and is under an innings limit of 170 innings and he has been lights out since the first pitch he threw this year. However, the Yankees didn't expect him to put on a show and make the All-Star game. He already thrown almost 90 innings before Mondays' All-Star break. Well, this seems like a potential problem.

Now for Vazquez who as I said before has been a somewhat of a disappointment. So what do the Yankees do with him? Do they put him in the bullpen for help as the bullpen is already thin to begin with or do they trade him?

Let me know what you think. Will this be redemption for Cashman for all the mistakes he made this past off-season or not? However, the thought of C.C Sabathia, Cliff Lee, A.J Burnett, Andy Pettite and for the time being Vazquez. I think all other teams would fearfull of facing the Yankees.


The Yankees are "just about done" with the acquisition of Cliff Lee. Again, the deal looks to have the Mariners sending Cliff Lee to the Yankees for catching prospect Jesus Montero and second base prospect David Adams and pitching prospect Zach McAllister

*****Update 4:47:

Trade talks have broken down between the two teams about the second player that the Yankees would send to the Mariners. I still, however, see the two sides eventually striking a deal before the trade deadline.