Are the Islanders close to being done on the Island? I for one, certainly hope that is not the case. However, my word is not the deciding voice, nor is everyone else's that supports the Lighthouse Project. The only voice that matters is Kate Murray! I am sorry but I have had enough of all of this nonsense! I am also sure everyone reading this blog is fed up with Kate Murray. So what is with this cat and mouse game...I'll tell you! POLITICS AND GREED!

This whole mess all started in 2001, when Charles Wang bought the Islanders. He had a vision of transforming the Coliseum and the surrounding area to glorify Uniondale and make Long Island relevant again. Well that does not look like reality anymore.

The Lighthouse Project, MIGHT still happen but does not look promising.

Look, I still support the project, however, if Wang was not so greedy to start with, the Islanders would have a brand new arena to play in and Wang would not be in the position he is in (looking for a new home for the team). But that is not the case and he is looking at new locations for the team for a possible re-location.

If the Islanders do not stay on Long Island, Long Island will never have another Pro sports team ever. If you are saying to yourself, how is that possible, don't we have the Arena Football League New York Dragons? Yes, you would be 100% correct. However, the Dragons share the Coliseum with the Islanders, so if the Islanders were to leave, so would the Dragons because the lease of the Coliseum would expire, leaving Long Island without any major sports teams.

Charles Wang deadline came and went without a yes or no from Kate Murray, the Town of Hempstead Supervisor. She claims that Wang has not provided her with everything she needs. Am I really supposed to believe that? After almost 9 years, you're telling me she doesn't have the information she needs to give Wang a simple yes or no. I am sorry but I find that hard to believe.

The Future of Long Island, the Islanders and the Dragons all lie in the hands of Kate Murray. And to tell you the truth, that makes me nervous!