Ok, so my sister got me hooked on the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 for about a week on a family trip. To be quite honest with you, it was interesting for that week, but now I am sick and tired of all the publicity they are getting! Every time I turn on a TV, it is on the entertainment channel (SHOWBIZZ TONIGHT) or E! entertainment. Seriously, GET OVER IT! We all know their problems, everyone goes through them to an extent.

People have problems all the time. Some get worked out, some unfortunately do not. What Jon and Kate should have realized was that by making their lives a reality show, their personal lives were bound to blow up in their faces at some point. I mean really, you have 8 kids, yes 8 kids, a reality show, and a marriage that well, isn't exactly functional. I know that it's hard to maintain a relationship but putting it on national TV makes it even more difficult. It makes you wonder why people do the things they do. Is it for money, fame or a combination of both?

When my sister and I would watch the show, we would look at eachother and say "What just happened?" Kate treated Jon like garbage. To his defense, however, I think he did everything to try and make the show last and not let it tear them apart. Something Kate, in my opinion, didn't do.

So look where they are now. Jon cheated on Kate with a girl much younger than he was and it made its way to the media... surprise, surprise! Kate, well there is not much to say about her except that she was controlling and always yelling at Jon and the kids. I highly doubt that's what a "typical" family goes through. The paparazzi wait for an opportunity to pounce on something of that magnitude.

They are now getting divorced with 8 little kids to take care of. Somehow that doesn't bode well for any of the 10 people involved. Imagine the kids right now, having to go through such a public mess and at such a young age.

Enough is enough. This has been going on for what seems like almost a year now. Seriously when everything is said and done, report those results, don't report on every little thing in between. GET OVER IT!