Ok, tonight is the rematch of the Islanders-Flames game the other day and I should have blogged about what went down in that game.

Here is a brief summery:

So, Martin Biron was making his Islanders debut, Kyle Okposo was playing in his 1st preseason game, as was most of the team. And Okposo landed in the hospital!

So, Phaneuf decided that even though it is only pre-season it was Ok to absoulutly pummle Kyle Okposo as he was coming out of the Isles zone and Phaneuf left his feet and elbowed Okposo in the head. The hit left Okposo at center ice motionless for over 6 minutes and then was finally taken from the ice on a stretcher to the hospital to be treated. Okposo is ONLY 21 and has a bright future ahead of him and to suffer a mild concussion doesn't help the situtation.

What Pascle Morencey did the other night was absoulutly the right thing! I know i posted the other day about sportsmanship and how kids may want to immatate what these athelets do, but I think this was great sportsmanship. I think it is great sportsmanship because a great young player could have easily had died with the blow that Phaneuf laid on Okposo. Morencey went right at Phaneuf respectivily, to protect his injured comrade.

So this is pre-season right? So why is Phaneuf headhunting in hockey!? If you know please tell me? I would also like to know WHY Morencey was the ONLY one suspended?