The Islanders waste little time staying out of the news.  Not really, just thought I would try and add some humor there.  Last night was the NHL Draft Lottery selection.  Somethings never change.  Since I started this site five years ago it has been nothing but top five in the draft.  Truthfully, it’s getting old.

Once again the Islanders failed to recognize that rewarding mediocrity doesn’t help them reach the playoffs and ultimately leads to failure. Just look at Josh Bailey as he was the Islanders number one pick in 2008 and Nino Niederreiter in 2010, who subsequently is no longer with the team.

How Josh Bailey is still a part of this team is a mystery to me and just about every Islander fan out there. After signing that new five year deal last off-season I went on record as saying that deal would end up blowing up in the Islanders faces…guess what? It did.  Ever since Bailey joined the team he has struggled mightily to produce points.  Like I said in my last post, I am not a fan of the whole Josh Bailey-Kyle Okposo comparison.  Okposo has consistently put up 15+ goals before he broke out and went on a scoring tear this year.  Bailey has hit 16 goals once in his career. The rest of the time he has scored from a range of eight goals to twelve goals…Yikes! Not good for a number one pick. 

I bring these two examples up for a reason because it’s time to discuss the upcoming draft.  I brought up Bailey and Nino to point out that drafting doesn’t always work.  For the most part aside from Tavares and de Haan in the first round most of the talent that is on the team was drafted in later rounds.

Garth Snow has a huge decision to make. Does he to hold on to this pick this coming draft and not defer it to Buffalo as part of the Vanek deal or does he defer this year’s pick to Buffalo and take the pick next year? That is the trillion dollar question.

Here’s the logical decision, keep this year’s pick and trade it for a goalie, forward or defensemen and defer the pick to next year.  There is no telling right now what this draft will hold in terms of players being NHL ready.  Unless Snow thinks otherwise, the pick should be traded for a player who can jump in and help bring this team back to the playoffs…or at least help the process move forward.  I’m not going to speculate on players that Snow could target because I would be lying if I tried to guess any of that and that’s not how this site works.  However, I will say this, if he does trade it, it better be for someone whose established themselves in the league. Whether they are vets or young vets they have to have at least five years’ experience and contribute right off the bat.

Whether or not this comes to fruition is another story but this should be a blue print of what SHOULD happen.

Stay tuned…