Well, I was going to post earlier on who the Islanders should invite to camp but that seems to have been thrown out the window. I just found out that they WON'T be bringing in anyone to compete for a contract and a spot on the roster.

There were 3 players that THEY could have brought in. All 3 being former Islanders and were on the 2001-02 playoff squad that came one game shy of moving on to the 2nd round:

1) Miroslav Satan
2) Mark Parrish
3) Mike Peca

All were and still are fan favorites.

Garth Snow may want to stick to the "rebuilding" stage which I am fine with but they need to add some veteran help because the last time I checked it's ALMOST impossible to win the Stanley Cup with a roster filled with well I don't want to say "teenagers" but half the team this coming year will be younger than 28 with the exception of like 5 or 6 players that are over the age of 28.

The Islanders NEED veteran leadership whether they stay with the "rebuilding" stage or not

Anyways, if you combine those 3 players you would double the amount of goals a single player had ALL of last year when our two leading scorers were Kyle Okposso and Defensemen Mark Streit.....

Come on Garth, I know you'rE a bright guy. You can keep the "rebuilding" stage in effect but for crying out loud, add some experience! You have two options to either add 3 guys who have the ability to score 20 or more goals a year OR come in last place AGAIN! It's your choice....so do the math Garth, you were a business major in your time in college. Put that to work here and add some veteran depth.