Well folks this is it...The time when the weather starts to get colder. Summer has come and gone, baseball playoffs are in the air and football season is around the corner. Well, it's also time for something else...HOCKEY!..it's time for the Islanders to head up to Saskatoon, Canada to start training camp on Saturday. They will train for their season and home opener on October 3rd, 2009 when they take on the Defending Stanley Cup Champs Pittsburgh Penguins at the NVMC.

So let's recap..shall we?

1) The 2008-09 season started with a Rookie Head Coach Scott Gordan
2) Half the roster was younger than 25 with 5 players over the age of 30
3) A franchise goalie WHO IS SIGNED FOR ANOTHER 12 YEARS played only 5 games that doesn't bode well for any team via the Islanders or any team...and the team playing behind 2 back-ups who probably didn't think they would see as much time as they did in net
4) Over 600 man games lost due to injury. I am sorry but you can't win with half of your roster on the Disabled List
5) Finish dead last in the standings in front of the LA Kings
6) Winning the Draft Lottery and winning the rights to draft John Tavares
7) On Draft Day- Garth Snow the GM began a new ERA on the Island by selecting From the London Knights of the OHL ( Onterio Hockey League) with the 1st overall pick John Tavares
8) And added 2 bonifide starting goalies so the goalie who signed that 15 year deal can heal from all of those surgeries and help bring Lords Stanley's Cup Back to the Island

AND with that I leave you with the new season upon us and the dawn of the John Tavares ERA on Long Island....

I'll be back with updates as we go forward towards the new year and throughout the year.