Hey Mikey - Brett is not exploiting Tiger Woods, for one. Moreover, read
every magazine out there - there's tons of gossip - good AND bad - on
celebrities. He's cheating on her, she's having a baby, whatever. Who
cares? Point being, Brett is writing his opinion on all this stuff
taken out of NEWS SOURCES. This is a blog, and I see nothing wrong with
his choice of topic. What struck me especially in your comment is that
you're excusing Woods for drinking and driving. Anyone who drinks and
drives ought to be put in prison. It is NOT okay for ANYONE to drink
and drive. If that's Woods' case, he made a very poor decision.
Additionally, Woods' skill and fame for golf has nothing to do with his
personality, does NOT make him a good person solely because of that,
nor does it EXCUSE any bad actions he does. Lastly, are you trying to
guilt Brett for writing his opinion? He can write whatever the hell he
wants. Go tell all the magazines that thought of yours to consider -
they'll laugh their asses off! Someone shed some truth on your beloved
Tiger Woods. Get over it.