Hey Brett, I don't appreciate the way how you're exploting Tiger like this. I mean there's no proof that Tiger was with 9 girls. And the fact that he was out at 2:30 in the morning is none of our business, in my opinion. Yea,he might have had an arguement with his wife and went out to clear his head. There have been alot of situations in life where people go out and drink to drown thier sorrows. That's probably the only reason why he got into an accident. Tiger is a great player because he's baiscally beaten everybody in the PGA, that's why he makes big money now. TMZ kind of exaggerates every media feed they get, how are you going to say Tiger doesn't love his family. He brings them to almost every game that he's been in. I think Tiger just needs some space, like everyone else he's only human, so that allows him to have some issues as well. I you were in the situation that he's in now, would you want people to write about you the way you did about him? just a thought to consider.