As we get closer to the Stanley Cup, the draft and free agency, rumors start to fly. They are usually interesting but for the most part never happen.  I was on Bleacher Report the other day and they had an interesting piece on several players that could receive offer sheets.  The two that intrigued me were Florida’s Erik Gudbranson and Montreal’s P.K Subban.  The Islanders tend to shy away from offering contracts to RFAs but if this was the time to submit one then I say you go for it…then again it’s not my money.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself I’m crazy and that they should get both players. One, I’m not crazy and two I’m not saying that all (or am I?). What I’m saying is they are the type of players you give up a draft pick to sign.  Call it the qualifying offers that are handed out baseball. Sign a player, lose a draft pick.  Not a great rule but hey if it works it works. 

On the flip side even if a player agrees to the offer sheet their original team has the ability to match the offer and the player returns home. Again, not the best rule but that’s how it’s written. 

Now onto why I think the Islanders should look at Gudbranson and Subban.

The argument to sign Gudbranson away from the Panthers is simple…they need a shutdown dman on the blue line. Sure they have Hamonic, Visnovsky (if healthy) and De Haan on defense but outside of those players they don’t have a solid shutdown defender who can be that force on the blue line for years to come.  While his offense is limited, he makes up for that with a blistering cannon of a shot and a physical aspect that is needed to succeed in the NHL.  Add all of those factors in and add in that he’s is of a young age makes him an attractive option for Garth Snow and the Islanders. If I had to guess it would likely take a five year deal at $30 million to get it done.

To be honest, Subban is a very similar player to Gudbranson but has more scoring potential.  Outside of their scoring differences they aren’t much different. To get Subban I would say it would take a three or four year deal at $20 million. Remember, Montreal didn’t want to give a long term deal to him prior to him signing him to a two year deal.

Imagine a defense pairing of Gudbranson-Hamonic; Subban-Visnovsky; Reinhart-De Haan.  That’s pretty sweet.  Though in reality this will never happen but if you could get one of the two then I think fans would be very content. 

Whether or not Snow wants to make a move for either of the two players is yet to be seen but truth be told he would be foolish not to at least consider it.

In a surprising twist today news broke about the Leafs looking to trade their captain Dion Phaneuf according to Nick Kypreos.  Don’t hate me for saying this but would you not want him on the Islanders? If you say no, please leave a comment down below as to why you are against the move.  I am aware of what his style of play has done to the Islanders players but he’s the type of player who you hate play against but love to have on your team.  As everyone knows he plays a very physical game and is a great leader which is why he is the captain of the Maple Leafts. He plays with his heart on his shoulder and leads by example.  He is signed for the foreseeable future and is still on the younger side.  If the price is right and Garth can pull this off I think the Islanders are much improved then they have been in a long time

Just a quick note on Halak. Even though it’s been quiet I wouldn’t worry.