Last night Islanders game resulted in another blown lead heading into the third period.  It was after that during the press conference that something outrageous happened. Jack Capuano said something that would likely get any coach fired.  He said he relies on his center men to tell him when they need to take a time out. How many times have we heard his famous words "Battle level" and how hahd they worked, win or lose.

WHAT!!!! How could any NHL head coach say that and still have a job! The players have more important things to worry about then when to tell their coach when to call a time out.  Their main focus is on winning the game or at least it should be.

Remember the Vanek deal? Snow said he wouldn't sit back and watch the season slip away and that he would do everything he can to put a winning team on the ice. He has failed in that department.  He preaches to fans that he is not cash strapped by Charles Wang but come on no one believes that.  If he wasn't, he would have gone out and solidified the blue line and brought in a reliable goalie to spot Nabokov here and there.  

The worst part of all of this is there is absolutely no accountability from anyone.  Come on Capuano. Come on Garth Snow. Come on Charles Wang. 

Do you really think Peter Laviolette, Bruce Boudreau, Patrick Roy, Ted Nolan, Lindsey Ruff and all the other NHL coaches rely on their players to call a time out? I would hope not.

Truthfully, the only thing I credit Wang with is keeping the Islanders in New York. Anyone else would have brought them to KC by now. However, now that they are moving to Brooklyn, it’s time for Wang to sell this team to someone who knows how to run a professional sports franchise.  Clean the house of all management and bring in a coach who knows how to win. How many times have we heard Capuano say it’s all about the battle level or how hahd they all play no matter whether they win or lose. A real coach doesn't make excuses.   

This brings us to the offseason issues. Snow had every chance to improve this team but didn't.  He doesn't make great signings and his trades are mostly questionable.  They have an owner who you never hear from and when you do he sidesteps questions about money and the need to improve.  How about when Snow signs a player he doesn't even hold press conferences.  The last real press conference that I remember was when Scott Gordon was fired and yes Capuano was named coach. I wouldn't really count Tavares being named Captain because it lasted about five minutes.  Look at the Dallas Stars they had several press conferences after they acquired players or signed them. All sports teams hold press conferences to introduce new players. Look at other sports teams like the Yankees. They had three press conferences in the span of four weeks.  You never hear a peep from the Islanders brass.

I know a lot of fans still don't like Nabokov but he has done an admirable job given what the defense looks like in front of him. Let’s face it Kevin Poulin and Anders Nilsson are not NHL goalies.  Anyone who thinks that are mistaken. Poulin has shown flashes of being decent but after two knee surgeries and his inability to control rebounds you have to question his ability to be a number one goaltender. Nilsson isn't even remotely ready to taste the NHL.  Garth Snow refuses to part with pieces to bring in star players. The fans (myself included) sit back and watch this team fall further into disarray and mediocrity (if you even want to call it that).  

Management sits back and watches the team not win a game in over a month and does nothing. In most sports if that happened the coach would be fired.  This month and the months ahead are going to be very challenging for Islander fans.  Especially since we likely will be headed for another long offseason and another lottery pick in the draft.

If money is really a problem then just come out and say it is instead of leaving fans to wonder what is going on with a once proud franchise.  

I'll be back with more but don't be surprised if Mondays’ game against the Red Wings is the final straw for Capuano. I said that I thought the Islanders would win two games this month and so far they have proven me right.

Stay tuned Islanders nation.