Brett, pop off. This is Courtney and Ashley. We think you guys are both crazy..the anonymous person (whoever you may be) needs to be subjective in this aspect and realiuze


please do us all a favor, if your going to blog you need to realize everyone has a point of view and that there will always be someone to comment, if your going to do this you cant attack someone for commenting or reacting to what you are saying,

a blog is = your reaction
a comment is = our reaction

therefore, to conclude,

best not POP OFF
no need
Stop Drop
and rock with it

it is what it is
and to everyone out there
WE ALL GOT ISSISHS ..whether it be womanizers or sniffers or wack jobs, Woods is another person with problems and issues but he is a great player, maybe ethnically speaking and character wise he needs to refocus and go to therapy but for someone to say such heinous things is outrageous