Time to take a little break from vacation for some breaking news...

Well folks, D-Day has come for Major League Baseball and Alex Rodriguez.  

Major League Baseball has suspended 13 players today in regard to the Biogenesis investigation.  Along with Alex Rodriguez twelve other players were suspended today and accepted their fates.  The fact that all of the players accepted their punishment of 50 games, only further proves Anthony Boeschs' credibility.  

However, Rodriguez, will appeal his suspension and is likely take this to a fight, which truth be told, might not be in his best interest.  While appealing and fighting a suspension is admirable, in this particular case, his legacy has been tarnished.  

This guy has been such a headache and distraction to the team that whatever he decides to do will only hurt his image even more.  

Honestly, after hearing about all of these allegations I wanted MLB to suspend him for life (and still believe that). Why? Because he has tarnished the game tremendously and he has been a headache for all of Major League Baseball.

A-Rods' punishment spans the gambit, from obstructing the investigation, to taking PED's to covering up evidence.

The fact that he will play tonight against the White Sox in Chicago, is absolutely mind blowing.  

T.J Quinn first broke the news: