Ok, so many of you have either read or heard about the "Balloon Boy". Several of my classmates have touched on this topic. We all know this was a Hoax, and Falcon, the 6 year old kid who went missing blew the families cover on national television to Wolff Blitzer on Larry King Live. Uh, kid, not a smart move!

So, tell me something... why would an "average" family want to build this flying saucer for the sake of just building it?

Before Falcon blew the families cover to Blitzer the other night, nothing was stopping the family from getting away with this sick and horrible hoax. It still bothers me that a family would go through all this trouble to get publicity.

We really don't know whether or not the media was in on this from the get go but this is a serious matter. Not only are the parents facing a lengthy stay in prison, the kids will have to live with the burden of this mess they created for the rest of their lives. It is unfortunate that these young kids will have to answer questions day in and day out of "why did you plan this crazy scheme and then lie about it on national television."

Ok, really, how insecure can one be? I would guarantee that the media set this up with the Henne family in Colorado. If you think otherwise I am sorry but I strongly disagree. The media and the paparazzi are always looking for a great story and you don't think they got one with the "Balloon Boy?" Come on! People will do anything for money, whether it is through greed or power.

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