Well the NFL Draft came and went with so many surprises. One move that surprised me, was the fact LeGarrette Blount went undrafted.

There are many theories on why he went undrafted. I'll stick with just one. The theory that has been thrown around among many College Football analyzers, was that during the first game of the season against Boise State he punched one of the Boise State players in the face after the end of the game. That punch cost Blount half the season. It also stripped him a spot to be drafted in the 1st round of this past NFL draft.

As we all know, in football and baseball it is illegal to get into fights but sports players do it anyways. So I ask why do it then? LeGarrette why? Why did you jeopardize something that special?

Ok, so Blount you succeed in 2 things...1) blemished your name and 2) your credibility of a clean hard nose player.


I watched that Oregon-Boise State game and when I saw Blount's actions I thought to myself... wow, you just cost yourself a lot of respect.

However, even with your actions you still have the ability to be a star running back in the NFL. If I were you, I would be thanking my luck stars that any team would want me. 48 hours after the draft ended you had an agreement with the 49ners and you turn them down! WHY!?

I understand that the 49ners have Frank Gore, Glen Coffee, Anthony Dixon and Michael Robinson at running back, but isnt the point of an unsigned, undrafted free agent role is to compete with the star players?

So he spurns the 49ners and signs with the Tennesse Titans! Ok, grant it that the Titans now have no running backs because they traded both, but Blount cant really expect to go undrafted and have a starting job handed to him...can he? If he does think that...then that's Blount stupid. However, if he realizes that he has to compete and win the job then that's Blount smart.

I hope for your sake you can be successful because you are going to need a lot of luck to make it on the big stage. Playing in the NFL is a lot harder than playing collegiate. So I say good luck!

You tell me was LeGarrette, Blount smart or Blount stupid? He has a lot to prove!