Recently I read that Blockbuster has decided to close up to 960 stores nationwide. The difference between Blockbuster and Netflix is that with Blockbuster, one must drive there every time they want to rent a movie or a game. The person would then have to drive back to Blockbuster with the DVD or game to return it, thus, burning fuel and time! Netflix, on the other hand, is a more convenient way to rent DVD's without having to leave your home. However, as I mentioned before, with Blockbuster you could also rent video games, which you are unable to do with Netflix. Blockbuster vs. Netflix....Which is better??

With the mass amount of stores that Blockbuster will be shutting down, it will make it harder for people to find a local Blockbuster in their neighborhood. People will have to travel further distances to find the nearest location. The consumers would have to spend more on fuel to travel the extra mile if the next store is in another town.

With Netflix, people wouldn't have to worry about spending an exorbitant amount of money on fuel. Netflix is also very convenient because they deliver straight to your mailbox. You also pay a maximum of almost $17 per month depending on the plan you choose. You could pay as little as $5 per month, again, depending on the plan. With Blockbuster, you pay about $5 just for one movie. If you get more than one, the price would be far greater than the Netflix plan, which has no late fees and has free shipping! Take your pick but remember, this is the future- it sure seems that Netflix is the way to go!

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