It took over a decade for him to admit taking steroids, but Mark McGwire FINALLY came clean! But why so long?
Good question...
It was because the St. Louis Cardinals hired him as their hitting coach! In a previous post I stated "HUGE mistake! Well, that's my opinion anyways.
You know how people say you should look up to idols? Well, in this case, don't! You have no clue what their personal lives are like and what they do on the field. If you're going to be someones idol, be your own idol and do the right thing."
He took steroids for OVER a decade! If I played under a coach like that I wouldn't trust him. Not only would I not trust him but it would be hard to respect him.
He may have finally come clean but his reputation was tarnished long before. He also still has left out many pieces of the story. It is still believed that McGwire is lying about his use of PED's. With Spring Training only a few weeks away, I have a feeling McGwire will be answering a few more questions about him using steroids for well over a decade.
According to, "I was given a gift to hit home runs," he told Bob Costas on MLB Network.
He told Costas that studying pitchers and making his swing shorter led to his increase in home runs and that he could have hit them without PEDs.
"I truly believe so," McGwire said. "I believe I was given this gift. The only reason I took steroids was for health purposes."
During a 20-minute telephone interview with the AP shortly after McGwire released his statement, his voice repeatedly cracked.
"It's very emotional, it's telling family members, friends and coaches, you know, it's former teammates to try to get ahold of, you know, that I'm coming clean and being honest," he said. "It's the first time they've ever heard me, you know, talk about this. I hid it from everybody
Tony La Russa and Bud Selig stand by McGwire and his confessions. "I'm really encouraged that he would step forward," La Russa told ESPN. "As we go along his explanations will be well received."
Selig, in a statement released by Major League Baseball on Monday, said he was pleased with McGwire's admission.
"I am pleased that Mark McGwire has confronted his use of performance-enhancing substances as a player. Being truthful is always the correct course of action, which is why I had commissioned Senator George Mitchell to conduct his investigation. This statement of contrition, I believe, will make Mark's re-entry into the game much smoother and easier
," Selig said.
So when will all 104 players come out and admit using some form of steroids? Time will tell.
I leave you with that and a few video clips about his use in performance- enhancing substances. Let me know what you think.