So last night I found a shocking article. One that sounds a lot like Micheal Vick with dog fighting. Newsday, reports that the Brookhaven Labs were going to use spider monkeys for an experiment.

Reports say that the lab would begin using spider monkeys, to see what would happen if NASA were to send humans to Mars with the planets radiation. I mean it would be awesome to see a human walk another planet besides Earth and the Moon.
But I believe using animals for experiments is flat out cruel.
According to Newsday, "The experiment would expose squirrel monkeys to levels of radiation similar to those encountered in spacecraft traveling to Mars to help determine what might happen to astronauts going to the planet, a NASA spokesman said." The paper also stated that "Brookhaven National Lab" confirmed on its Web site that the experiment has been proposed for the facility. But spokeswoman Mona Rowe said the lab has not yet received a formal proposal. Officials at the federal Department of Energy, which funds the lab, couldn't be reached.

Rowe said the proposal could take months to be approved and will have to be reviewed by three separate committees to determine the experiment's benefit to science, its safety and its treatment of animals.
"It's possible that Brookhaven is the best facility in the United States to use for this type of research," Rowe said.
I praise NASA, for wanting to send someone to Mars but injecting them with the right radiation that Mars has is cruel. Using animals for experiments is not right and morally wrong. Well that's my opinion anyways.
I personally think it would be awesome to have life on other planets, it would make for a great vacation spot. But then again, someone would have to build an enormous plane with a huge engine and fuel tank to last that distance. But hey you never you know, anything is possible.

Let me know what you think.