An era comes to a screeching halt. It was reported today by Joel Sherman and other media outlets that Yankees Left Handed Pitcher Andy Pettitte is set to retire. In 2011 it was Jorge Posada and this year it is Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte.

With Pettitte retiring at seasons end the Core 4 will now become the Core 1.  When 1995 came around the Yankees brought up Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter and they became the faces of the team. 

Pettitte, pitched for a combined 18 seasons, most of them with the Yankees and three seasons at home in Houston for the Astros.

During his 18 seasons in the big leagues he compiled 255 wins, five World Series rings, three All-Star appearances, and is the Yankees all-time winningest pitcher in the postseason. 

The question that will surround Pettitte is if he a Hall of Famer?  I say yes but others will argue his use of HGH will keep him out.  I don't condone the use of PED's or any other drug to gain an advantage.  However, if you worry about him using it to regain his health as fast as possible, then you would see that using HGH didn't enhance his ability on the field.  What impressed me the most was that he was able to face the cameras and admit his mistake. However, I don't know how hard liners will view this.

Will his numbers and performance throughout the years far surpass the HGH use?

Just remember the Pettitte name will not disappear from the Yankees organization as the Yankees drafted his son this season.  Hopefully, we will see another Pettitte in the Bronx one day in the future. 

Andy, we wish you the best and thanks for 15 great seasons in Pinstripes.